Water Treatment Math – Test Taking Tips

For many water treatment operators, math is the most intimidating part of the water treatment exam. While there’s no magic solution that will instantly make all math problems a breeze, there are some things you can do to better prepare yourself for the math portion of the exam. First, you actually have to practice working the problems before taking the test. Don’t be so intimidated by the math that you ignore it while studying everything else. You learn how to solve math problems by DOING them, doing them again, and doing them again. Practice until they become second nature.  Once […] Read more »

Water Treatment Certification Exam

Operator certification study guide

While the water treatment certification exam has become increasingly difficult as government regulations have become more stringent, the study guides simply have not kept pace. The Class D water treatment certification exam administered by AMP (Applied Management Professionals) has a failure rate of over 50%.  The Class A certification exam has a failure rate of over 90% each month. If you are preparing to take the exam, these stats aren't meant to scare you. This is to make you aware of the difficulty of the exam if you are not adequately prepared and to direct you to online resources on this and other websites that will help you be successful in passing the water treatment certification exam. Read more »



  Coagulants Coagulants are defined as the substances which are capable of removing colloidal impurities from water. With this definition in mind, it is well to have some understanding of the nature of these colloidal impurities. Colloids Classification and Properties – The colloidal phase refers to any form of matter in a certain state of sub-division or, better, within certain limits of particle size. The unit of measurement to be used is the millimicron, or mu. This is one millionth (0.000001) of a millimeter, which is approximately one twenty-five millionth of an inch. While no definite limits may be set […] Read more »

Preparing for the Water Treatment Exam

water treatment test prep

When I hear that someone is going to take a certification exam, I’m torn between offering sympathy or advice. Having taken many, many tests (the most recent being a professional engineering exam) and having done regulatory and math training for operators studying to take certification exams, I believe I am qualified to extend condolences as well as offer suggestions. First, be prepared. Learn the subject matter thoroughly and organize what materials you will need for the test. Some specific techniques are: • Use a checklist, summary sheet, or flash cards to review the material; • Take practice tests; • Avoid […] Read more »

Chlorine In Drinking Water – Public Misinformation


I came across this interesting article on the dangers of chlorine in municipal water systems. This article is a good example of the misinformation that exists concerning public drinking water. See how far you have to read before you spot the first inaccuracy. Most people have are very one-sided view of the chlorine in water and to be honest, it is perhaps not their fault. They realize that chlorine is a very major part of municipal water purification and water safety, yet they don’t realize that this contaminant is a double-edged sword. This is something you need to be aware […] Read more »

Tap Water Facts – Simple Steps You Should Follow to Find Out What's in Your Water

Tap Water Facts

When you are considering improving the quality of water that reaches your house it is essential to get your tap water facts. These facts are pertinent to your geographic location and the type of system that serves your home. Below, I will highlight some simple steps you should take, depending on your particular situation. Public utility in a city or small town 1. Request a copy of your utility’s annual quality report. Based on a federal law passed back in 1999, public utilities are obliged to offer this for free to the public on an annual basis. In this report, […] Read more »

How Much Should You Pay for a Drinking Water Filter System?

Buying a drinking water filter system can be really confusing. When some cost as little as $24.95 and others go up to $420, just for the countertop designs, it may make you feel like giving up. Take a minute and read the information we have here. At least it will help you get started. Depending on your source, there are some things that you need a drinking water filter system to do and other things that may not be so important. For example, a reverse osmosis or RO drinking water filter system is very expensive but unnecessary for most of […] Read more »

Water Purification, What You Should Know

Choosing a water purification system for your home is an important decision.  Picking up a water purifier from the shelf at Wal-Mart might not be a good choice.  The quality of water purifiers vary greatly.  Prices also vary.  We hope to help you make the right decision. Practically everyone focuses on eating right.  Health conscious people know that anything they take in affects the way that they function and feel.  Yet, many people overlook the importance of what they drink. Read more »

The removal of manganese, iron and ammonium nitrogen on impregnated activated carbon

Product Description This digital document is a journal article from Desalination, published by Elsevier in 2007. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser. Description: Intensive development of industry branches and agriculture causes a progressive deterioration of natural environment and a decrease in drinking water resources. Both in surface waters and underground waters, the increase in concentration of different elements and compounds which are dangerous for humans is observed. Unfortunately, the removal of these impurities by means of traditional methods is not […] Read more »

Top 10 Water Treatment Certification Study Guides

1. Operator Basics 2005 Training Series – Created by the Montana Water System and Montana University, the Operator Basics Training Series is one of the most comprehensive study guides available.  Not just another text document with page after page of reading, this 289 MB software program takes you through a complete water treatment course and keeps you engaged with interactive quizzes, illustrations, games and much more. This course includes 500 practice certification test questions and thirty-five hours of training material. The best part…. it’s totally free. 2. Water Treatment Study Guide – A 157 page pdf document published by the Tennessee […] Read more »