Top 10 Water Treatment Certification Study Guides

[ad#Post Body] 1. Operator Basics 2005 Training Series - Created by the Montana Water System and Montana University, the Operator Basics Training Series is one of the most comprehensive study guides available.  Not just another text document with page after page of reading, this 289 MB software program takes you through a complete water treatment course and keeps you engaged with interactive quizzes, illustrations, games and much more. This course includes 500 practice certification test questions and thirty-five hours of training material. The best part.... it's totally free. 2. Water Treatment Study Guide - A 157 page pdf document published by the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts. This guide covers everything from groundwater to chemical feeders to softening. 3. More resources coming...
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Glossary of Terms

Bentonite - A light-colored valuable clay that expands with the addition of water and is used as a sealant in water wells, as oil-well drilling mud, as a liner in wastewater lagoons, and as a filler in the building, paper, soap, and pharmaceutical industries.

Quick Facts

Blue-Green Algae - Varieties of algae characterized by their bluish-green color; also known as cyanobacteria. The presence of blue-green algae indicates unhealthy conditions in wastewater lagoon cells or surface waters such as lakes, reservoirs, streams. They are often associated with organic overloading and lack of adequate dissolved oxygen.